Trust Your Intuition – 3 Steps To Move Forward

We have a great tool inside of us, our own compass. It is called intuition. It can guide us straight down the right path and lead us to cleaver decisions. Learning to start trust your intuition and find its voice could be a big help on your adventure or in decision making times.

Lately I have found that my best decisions has been made out of my gut feeling, my intuition. It is hard to argue a decision based on a feeling and sometimes hard to truly believe in, but when you do connect with that feeling. It is the best guide that can never go wrong. Should I quit my job? Do I trust this person? Should I travel the world with no money? You have all the answers inside of you.

What is hard though, is to stay in touch with your intuition and truly listen to it. Therefore I had a little chat with my holistic therapist Daniell Gigante to get some tips for how we women can start and maintain the connection with our intuition, to make our lives richer and more meaningful.

trust your intuition
Connect with nature is an important practice to start trust your intuition.

Daniell Gigante is working at Resonate Therapy in Byron Bay, Australia as a holistic natural therapist. For over 20 years she has been a therapist and works with clients to channel their energy and help them understand their sensor abilities.

External Distractions

We have a guiding tool inside of each of us; our own personal compass. Unfortunately this compass is getting thrown off track by external distractions that we pick up in our everyday society, and by thinking too much. It takes some work to turn inside and tune into yourself.

“To be honest, it has taken me 25 years of practice, study and many hard lessons and I still feel I am only at the tip of the iceberg. Our human potential is phenomenal and it’s exciting to be witnessing and guiding its re-emerging!” Says Danielle Gigante.


The Power of Your Gut

In today’s society making decisions based on a feeling is a bit of a low status action. Studies have shown that women are hardwired to be more intuitive than men. Which have result in negative comments to women of being “too sensitive” or “too emotional”. What we know today is that our initiative capability is a fantastic gift. Therefore we should start trusting our intuition. Which can help us make the right decisions and walk down the good path of life.

I guess we all have had moments where we been thinking, “I knew it, I should have l listened to my gut feeling.” And we doubt our intuition and went for the more logical decision. Here are three tips from Danielle Gigante of how you can start practising listening to your intuition.


3 Steps To Trust Your Intuition


1. Connect with Nature

Connect with nature is an important practice to start trust your intuition.

Today it seems like we ask our selves, “What do I have to do” instead of “What do I need right now.” It is essential to focus on our needs. This might take some time because we are programmed to do, not to feel.

To find your needs it’s important to get away from distractions and connect with nature. Spend some time in the forest, mountains, ocean, garden, or the beach. Be presences and space out of duty and mind.

As a result of that, you get back a feeling of being grounded and in touch with your inner self. For some it can be hard to be presence even if you are in majestic landscape. Hence it might take some time and practice

2. Yoga, Meditation, Art

Connect with nature is an important practice to start trust your intuition.

Whatever practice you prefer that feeds your soul with positive energy like dance, writing, yoga or mediation. Is important to practice on a daily basis. Something you looking forward to do that reenergizes you.

Therefore learning about chakra and our energetic bodies is the next step to understand your energy flow. Energy is transferable and therefor you must practice how to take responsible for your own energy, how to protect and clear it. This might be done with help from a teacher or a mentor.

3. Be Gentle with Yourself and Those Around You

Connect with nature is an important practice to start trust your intuition.

To finally understand and trust your intuition you need to create space for compassion, humility and gratitude. Accept all experiences good or bad as gifts, to reach greater insight. Let go of your ego and open up your heart.



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Love your suggestions, I agree, trusting your instinct is usually the best bet for big decisions in life.

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