Working the Dream – How to Find Great Jobs in Wild Places

Havasupai Falls
Written by Zach

Full disclosure, I am not a woman. That said, I know the outdoor industry and the world of adventure based employment. I have met some of the coolest, most badass women around in my own job roles and the opportunities for adventurous women are numerous. In some jobs, like fishing guide/mountain guide type roles, there’s a sense of it being a man’s a world. While some of these roles are still male dominated, the doors are opening to women. I’ve been outworked and outhustled by women and outside of a few stubborn men getting in their own way, I see more of these jobs being filled by women in the future. Thank the badass women that overcame obstacles and paved the way. When you’re ready to pave your own path, here are a few professional tips to make you a frontrunner for your dream job.

  • Tap Your Network

Nothing is better than a referral. Talk to your family, friends and any acquaintance. Tell them what you want and where you’d like to go. You will be surprised at the number of people that have connections. Do not leave it at the conversation phase when someone mentions their friend or distant relative who had a similar role. Ask for their info so you can interview and get to know them.

  • Build a Killer Resume

The resume is an art. You have more relative experience than you think, it just takes some creative digging. Think about every job role you’ve held and make common connections. Anything with leadership skills is a bonus. Think about challenges you have overcame and bring that to life on your resume. In many instances, a more personal approach is better. The outdoor industry is raw and employers want to know that you will perform and hold down the fort when the going gets tough. This is especially true when they hire you sight unseen.

  • Search, Search and Search Some More

Get ready to hustle. Scour the niche job boards, do custom google searches with “your job” + “hiring/employment” to find businesses that aren’t advertising and flat out find businesses you want to join and inquire. It’s a hustle but the effort will pay off eventually. I landed my first guide job this way. I was actually the second choice. The first pick was a no show and I drove cross country on a whim to grab the slot.

  • Apply Efficiently

Post resumes to the best niche job boards. Hint, hint…adventurejobboard.com. Posting a great resume means you are visible to recruiters and some will actually find you. It also means you can apply to jobs with a single click. Sign up for the email updates and keep applying until something clicks.

  • Get personal post-application

See a job that you really want? Read the description, do your research and apply. Follow up post application by connecting with company leadership on Linkedin and other social networks. Reach out and say hello. Tell them you just applied and are excited to be in the running. Make it personal and grab that job. Seriously, what do you have to lose?

  • Provide Value

Sure you can do the job. Now think about your upsell. What value do you bring beyond the job description? This isn’t about bragging or overselling yourself. Simply look for aspects of a business that you can add value. Maybe you will be a world class mountain guide but that doesn’t mean you are above loading gear on planes and cleaning up at camp. Work on being well rounded and up the offering.




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Zach Lazzari is a freelance writer, fly fishing guide and the founder of adventurejobboard.com. He lives on the Bitterroot River near Missoula, Montana with his best 4-legged friend.

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