Women Who Explore is a community of incredible women coming together to inspire, empower, and of course explore. We are encouraging women to come together into the outdoors and connect with one another. While we started in Canada, we are expanding, traveling, and of course exploring across the world and have had the amazing opportunity to work alongside brands such as Keen, Sport Chek Women, MEC and many more!

We strive to create a platform where women can share their stories and adventures of traveling and getting outdoors. Read the advice, stories, and travel tips to help you discover new places, review gear, and get inspired to explore. See the world through pictures, stories, and the eyes of Women Who Explore. We hope you love it and want to be a part of our amazing community.


Just Launched!


"I was so nervous about being around a group of women I don't know at all, and I'm usually pretty shy. However, given we were all camping together and riding cars together, we got to know each other real quick! I loved getting to know people and seeing all the different backgrounds we have while sharing so many interests. I love having new friends to ask about different parts of the country (and Canada!). I feel so blessed to have had this experience."