Winter Homes Gone Wild: A Journey through 5 of the Most Luxurious Chalets

With 2018 approaching, we were thinking about New Year’s Party more and more. We had no plans whatsoever and no desire to spend the night between years at home, watching television. Some friends of ours had an old chalet up in the mountains and I had a pretty big stock of Instagram pictures with amazing chalets around the world. So, needless to say, when they asked if we would like to join them for a short holiday, I practically jumped for joy.

Our cabin was nothing like the Instagram pictures, though. It was very basic, but utterly comfy and sort of romantic. There was no other house for miles around and, most of the mornings, the wind was the only sound you could hear. Just to feed my curiosity while there, I started compiling a list of luxurious places you could visit if you are really into reinvented A-frame structures in the middle of nowhere, coupled with modern amenities.

1. Following the Kings and Queens of Europe

Panoramic view from Zermatt Peak, photo credit: Chalet Zermatt Peak
Panoramic view from Zermatt Peak, photo credit: Chalet Zermatt Peak

No expense has been spared in making Chalet Zermatt Peak a location fit for royalty.  You can watch the sunset or sunrise from the comfort of your own bed, and the mountains are so close you can virtually touch them. You get your own Michelin-star gourmet chef, 24 hours chauffeur and private Jacuzzi. The owners pride themselves with their guests and the enormous number of distinctions they got for the villa. So, if you would like to sleep in the same bedroom as the European royal families, even if not at the same time, Zermatt is the right place to do it.

PLAN THE TRIPChalet Zermatt Peak,  Zermatt, Switzerland.

2. Sweden’s hidden chalets

Hidded wooden chalets,
Find the cabin, photo credit

Silence, crackling fireplace, birds singing, forest all around. If this is exactly what you have in mind when you think about luxury, you are in the right place. Kolarbyn woodland charcoal huts in Sweden offer all that. Despite it, though, they are Sweden´s most primitive guest houses. They have no electricity, but they do come with an en suite stream and, during winter time, your first task as a visitor is to chop some wood. In return you are offered a one of a kind beaver safari.

PLAN THE TRIP: Kolarbyn Eco-lodge, near Skinnskatteberg, Sweden.

3. Up on a cliff, right near the Ocean

Chalet - Tree House in
Tree House, photo credit

If you are a fan of the Pacific Ocean and you are not afraid of heights, you will find this place ( filled with wood and glass cottages )  a small piece of Heaven. You can choose between classic tree houses with a modern twist, free-standing structures with panoramic ocean views, suspended decks and butterfly shaped private guestrooms. My personal favorite is the one on the cliffs, facing the Ocean. And, just as a fun fact, you have a purple sand beach really close.

PLAN THE TRIP: Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, California, SUA.

4.  Your own tree in the living room

Eagle View Suite in Iso Syote chalet, Finland
Gazing at the stars, photo credit

If you fancy sleeping in a complete glass box, then this place in Finland is right what you need. Part wooden chalet, part glass home, the Iso Syote Hotel in Finland offers a suite with an amazing 360º degree view, “equipped” with its own big old tree. Branches grow up near your Jacuzzi, your sauna and your fireplace. So, if you plan on spending your honeymoon or just a short weekend with your significant other gazing at the northern lights…you’re welcome!

PLAN THE TRIP: Iso Syote HotelSyöte, Finland.

5. All the mountains of Lofoten archipelago

Fleinvær northern lights, as viewed from Fordypningsrommet
Fleinvær northern lights, as viewed from Fordypningsrommet, Photo credit:

Fleinvær island might be a small and remote place, but the outstanding Arctic landscape makes up for everything.  This is exactly what the owners of Fordypningsrommet had in mind when they named their chalets “an Arctic hideaway”. The property is scattered into nine different chalets, some for sleeping, some for cooking, a sauna and a bathhouse.  This luxury hotel is into digital detox, so they offer a total relax program, where you are invited to put the gadgets away and participate in countless activities: bird watching, shell picking, fishing tours and so on.

PLAN THE TRIP: Fordypningsrommet,  Fleinvær, Norway. 

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