A Winter Wonderland in Whistler

December 31st 2017. The end of an incredible year and so I had to say goodbye in an incredible fashion. I decided to spend the last day of the year in an incredible place, Whistler B.C.
I first visited Whistler two years ago, and it stole my heart instantly. From the world class skiing on two mountains that offer views that make you feel like you have actually reached the top of the world. Awaiting for you at the bottom. The word to sum up this spot would be magical.
Whistler offers so much to see, do, explore, and experience that it is impossible to fit it all into one weekend. It has scenery that is unmatchable, adventure that is undeniable, and it has provided some unforgettable moments. So here is my weekend itinerary in Whistler so that hopefully you too can experience this magical village.
This trip to Whistler though, exceeded all expectations. We woke up to fresh snow and sunshine. We raced to the chairlift to make sure we were the first in line. When we reached the peak, I took a moment to really look around. To see the snow covered trees, to see the creek flowing below, to see the sunshine peaking up from behind the tip of the mountain, to see the untouched snow below my skis. I was truly in a winter wonderland.
I edged my skis towards the edge of the mountain and I was off. Racing down fresh powder it felt as if I was floating in thin air. Smooth, soft, snow beneath me, My legs burning to stay above, but that good kind of burn. The kind of burn that earns you that post ski Apres. I could feel the fresh air filling my lungs. The sun beating down and warming my skin. The silk snow sliding me downwards. It was the perfect day.
Whistler is one of those places you really need to see to believe. It is one of those places that no matter how magical and wonderful and incredible this  place truly is. I wanted to share with you my Whistler experience in hopes of making your trip there just as unforgettable.
Day 1

Skiing, Apres, Sushi ,oh my 

Skiing: This is why you come to a ski village right? Whistler offers world class skiing. With two mountains to chose from, you cannot go wrong. The options for runs is never ending. And who knows, you may just get a perfect day like the one I had. I really do suggest getting out on the slopes early, because like with any great ski mountain comes great ski crowds.

Peak to Peak: Ok, even if you don’t like skiing, this is a must do and see. A gondola ride that takes you from Whistler to Backcomb and the views along the way are truly spectacular. There is even one gondola that has a glass bottom to offer some truly snap worthy views.

Apres in style: There is nothing like rewarding yourself after a tough day on the slopes with a cold beer. My favourite Apres spot happens to be Longhorns. It is right at the base of Whistler and so it offers perfect views of the mountains and has a heated patio.

Enjoy world class cuisine: The best sushi I have ever eaten is right in the heart of Whistler Village. Sushi Village is my favourite restaurant. The last time I went to Sushi Village, it was an awesome experience. We were asked to take off our shoes and had a chance to sit at this little booth. We ordered plenty of rolls to share and of course got into the Saki Margaritas. May I suggest a combination between the lime and strawberry.


Day 2

Snowshoes, Spas, Margaritas, oh my

Snowshoeing: Whistler is a beautiful place and sometimes hard to really appreciate the beauty when you are racing down a mountain. So on day two I grabbed snow shoes and made my way to Lost Lake. This is a beautiful trail through some tall trees and eventually you arrive at a giant frozen lake. A really picturesque walk.

Scandinave Spa: After all the workouts, it was time for some R&R. A trip to the Scandinave Spa is a must. Traditional Turkish style baths await you to rejuvenate your muscles. You take turns between hot and cold baths and will come out feeling like a million bucks.

The Mexican Corner: This is also one of my favourite spots to eat in Whistler. Delicious margaritas, authentic Mexican cuisine, and a mariachi band. What more could you ask for?

Whistler has truly stolen my heart and it is one of those places that keeps you coming back time and time again. I hope these tips can make planning your trip out here a little easier.

Happy exploring ladies,



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