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Women Who Explore isn’t just about women who get out & explore, we’re also storytellers, filling your hearts with all the feels and perhaps some tears. If you love a good story, these ladies will get a tear or two out of you.


Stephanie Lodge

Steph is a freelance writer with a passion for health and wellness. As a nutrition consultant and competitive weightlifter and hiker, her passions have developed into a fulfilling career.

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Mia Gordon

Mia Gordon

Mia Gordon is a host, reporter, and writer with the National Lacrosse Leagues digital network NLLTV.com.

Mia has worked with TSN as a host and reporter, CBC Olympics, and Sun News. When she isn’t working or watching the big game, she is planning her next adventure. She started her own travel page, Mia goes M.I.A and is excited to bring these adventures to Women Who Explore.

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Wendy Altschuler

Wendy Altschuler

Wendy Altschuler is a seasoned writer, editor and adventurer with over a decade’s worth of publishing credits.

She writes regularly for several publications (web and print), churning out indelible lifestyle, travel, dining, spa and parenting articles on the regular. She’s always looking for an adventure — hello skydiving, trapeze, road trips, urban rappelling and parenthood — and she seeks out stories to write home about.

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Lindy Callahan

Lindy Callahan

My goal as a writer and in life is to inspire others to protect, preserve and find a personal connection to the earth, whether that be through environmental awareness, lifestyle, personal wellness or travel. I recently started an MFA program at Oregon State, and I also write a lot about the books I am reading on my personal website and Instagram accounts.

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Karly Watson

Karly Watson

Hi I’m Karly, I am a fitness enthusiast who loves exploring new cultures, nature, and finding great little places with amazing food.

A long with running my fitness blog, I’ve worked with Agriculture and Forestry Alberta, and am currently a dancer and promotional model for RhythmFX. I love to try new things consistently and share my experiences with others.

Why sit still when there is so much to see and do?

Hilary Terrell

Karly Watson

Growing up in beautiful Summit County, Colorado, Hilary fell in love with all things outdoors at a young age and feels most at home when in the mountains.

She grew up hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, rock climbing, and skiing, and as soon as she was old enough, she became an outdoor skills instructor at a summer camp in Granby, Colorado, where she realized her passion for sharing her love of the wilderness with others.

Hilary is most passionate about connecting females with the great outdoors, as she feels that authentic outdoor experiences can empower women to achieve their full potential and lead a truly healthy lifestyle.

Kelly Ann Sheridan

Kelly Ann Sheridan

I am interested in experimentation and exploring both in my art and my own life.

I like to represent change and growth in my artwork as well, mostly in landscapes. I create surrealist-inspired “melting landscapes.” My paintings speak to the emotions I feel when I’m outside and completely relaxed and present in the space.

I live in Eastern Idaho and every single weekend I am going somewhere in the Tetons, Sawtooths, Hobacks, Yellowstone, Lost River Range etc.


Jessica Palmer

Jessica Palmer

I am Jessica. I am an obsessive traveller and are really passionate about the benefits of travelling and exploring with kids. I have a travel blog at www.travelwithjess.com/blog. I am located on the East Coast of Australia however travel regularly overseas and around Australia with my young kids. My next stop is Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu.

Terra Moreland

As a little girl, growing up in Juneau, Alaska, adventure was all I knew. If I miss a movie quote or childhood TV reference everyone always says “ahh, it’s because she’s Alaskan” for I didn’t grow up with TV as much as I did with trees, wildlife and glaciers.

For as long as I can remember my dad has always told me to figure out what I love most and then make a life out of it. It’s no surprise that “love” I found was adventure and good company. I’ve since left Alaska and now live in Portland, Oregon. I work in tourism, helping connect local businesses to visitors that are traveling to Oregon. With that role comes adventure, as I explore Oregon, trying to learn its ins and outs in more detail. I am also a yoga instructor, sports and lifestyle talent, and a freelancer hired for anything from organizing events, to writing, or provide marketing and PR. I use my Instagram account to document it all. The question I get most often is whether I’m working in the picture or playing. My response, “I’m doing both. Always!”

If I have a mission in life, it’s to spread that warm fuzzy feeling we get when we’re happiest. To give others the courage to live outside their comfort zone. To bestow in others, what my dad gave me.

Ramona Cuciuch

Ramona Cuciuch is a Romanian programmer, a paragliding pilot during the weekends and a writer whenever she finds time. She loves to think that the world we live in is shaped by our own thoughts, so she actively tries to stand for the things she believe in.

If there is any time left, Ramona can be found cooking, hiking, scuba diving, playing tennis or crafting something nice. She can always find time to laugh and, at the end of the day, she has a sip of wine from a crystal glass and chats with Karma :)”



Faith Roswell

Hello! I’m a freelance writer, professional adventurer and former model living on a boat near London and visiting the strangest of places so you don’t have to!

My blog ‘Life Out There’ takes you to abandoned prisons in Romania, postapocalyptic festivals in the Mojave desert, secret (and eccentric) corners of England and many more of my adventures along with my tips for travelling and adventuring.

I believe one of the best things in life is to feel strong, that strength can be learned and there are fewer things more empowering than travelling solo.

See you on the road. Going my way?

Website: www.lifeoutthere.co.uk

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Insta: www.instagram.com/lifeoutthereblog

Jill Weenink

Jill is an outdoor enthusiast, a traveller, a writer and a lover of life.

She was born and raised in a little prairie town where the trips to the mountains were few and far between. It wasn’t until she started her career in EMS, a few of life’s trials, and a good friend that she became interested in everything outdoors. Flash forward 4 years and now it is the biggest part of who she is.

She finds the outdoors a healing and sacred place and wants to share that with others through her writing and photography. She wants to inspire other women to get outside, love life and to find strength, courage and positivity though all of life’s trials and tribulations.