Trial & Error

I went through a few pairs of gaiters before discovering the women’s crocodile gaiter from Outdoor Research. I had a pair of Mountain Hardware gaiters that were too big around the calf and wouldn’t stay up. And I even tried a friend’s self-sewed gaiter that had a string at the top to tie so it would stay up (it wasn’t that effective).

About Me

I should start out by saying I’m 5ft 6in, about 120lbs with a size 7 shoe and my biggest concern has been finding a pair that would fit my small calves. I’ve used my outdoor research gaiters for hiking, snowshoeing, and even a little ice climbing.

Why They’re Worth It

They have kept everything from dirt, bugs, water, snow, and ice out of my boots. Even though the material is extremely durable I am still able to crumple them up into a small bundle to put in my backpack in case I need them. The strong velcro that creates the seam hasn’t lost any of its strength in the few years I’ve owned them.

I appreciate how sleek and low profile these gaiters are, there isn’t a lot of extra material bundled up around my leg like I’ve experienced with others. I discovered these when I went on a winter hike with some friends and they both happen to be wearing the same gaiters.

Even if you are taller and have bigger feet than me, I still think these gaiters are the real deal for anyone looking for a simple, no nonsense gaiter that does its job well.

Get Your Own Pair

I have these in a size small but you can check out the gaiter sizing chart that OR has on their website.

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