We started going into the mountains as a mode of therapy. We had no idea what we were doing. We didn’t have the right gear. We didn’t have any trail etiquette. We drank beers at the top and ate beef jerky on the way up. We knew nothing about being in the outdoors. We started to come across other women. With the best gear, who knew what they were doing. And they judged us. Judged us in the harshest of ways. It was really intimidating. We truly felt like we weren’t good enough to be in the outdoors. And we thought to ourselves, how many other women out there must feel like this too. We never wanted to feel like that again. And that’s when we decided to create Women Who Explore, a space for all women to feel safe and welcoming in the outdoors. We hope you find your place in our community. XOXO Lindsay & Jenny (sisters and co-founders)

Women Who Explore Getaways

Looking to check off a bucket list destination? Try a new outdoor activity? Meet other like-minded women? Our small group getaways are the perfect way to experience amazing places, activities and gain a whole new group of kick ass girlfriends.
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Friday July 20, 2018
$200.00 - $450.00 CAD
Friday July 27, 2018
$200.00 - $375.00 CAD
Thursday August 02, 2018
$500.00 - $2200.00 CAD
Thursday August 09, 2018
$200.00 - $310.00 CAD
Friday August 10, 2018
$175.00 CAD
Wednesday August 15, 2018
$150.00 CAD
Friday August 24, 2018
Hector Lake
$200.00 - $375.00 CAD
Friday September 07, 2018
$200.00 - $375.00 CAD
Friday September 14, 2018
$200.00 - $350.00 CAD
Friday September 21, 2018
$200.00 - $450.00 CAD
Saturday September 22, 2018
$200.00 - $360.00 CAD
Friday October 05, 2018
$200.00 - $400.00 CAD
Friday October 05, 2018
$200.00 - $500.00 CAD
Thursday October 11, 2018
Yellowstone National Park

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